Go Getter

Go Getter


Gift Includes:

Dona Chai Concentrate-Masala Chai is slow steeped with ginger, cinnamon, green cardamom, cloves, black peppercorn, and organic, loose-leaf black tea.

Formulary55 Honeycomb and Neroli Bath Bar- Very feminine, soft and floral, but also fresh and uplifting. Superfatted to be extra moisturizing and skin softening, these shea butter bath bars are long lasting and luxurious. Moisturizing, softly fragranced and clean rinsing, you’ll never use another soap again!  

Copper Cow Coffee Single Cup Vietnamese Coffee Kit- This portable pour over filter is pre-packed with sustainably sourced Vietnamese Coffee. Easy to make and delicious to drink, this coffee is a perfect gift for travelers, foodies, coffee addicts and lovers of modern packaging and design alike!

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