Sweet as Honey

Sweet as Honey


What's Inside:

Bee Raw's Sweet Yellow Clover Honey from Colorado. You'll find it sweet and buttery at first taste, followed by warm undertones of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Keats Handmade Gumption and Grace Soap- Made with pure essential oils, shea butter and natural organic oils.  Sweet, earthy Lemongrass promotes tranquility while spicy, woody Ginger warms and revitalizes the skin. A synergistic blend that lends balancing and restorative properties.

Paddywax Black Salt and Birch Candle-Top notes of ocean air, lime and lemon.  Middle notes of sea spray, sea moss and lily. Each matte speckled ceramic vessel is topped with an embossed dust cover. Once you finish burning the candles, you can use them as a stackable cream and sugar pottery set!

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