Sweet Clementine

Sweet Clementine


Gift Includes:

Clementine Muslin Swaddle- Fruity, fresh, colors for your cutie. This print has fresh oranges with earthy olive and forest green leaves and minty ferns mixed in. It's the perfect combination of earthy and fruity. 

Nash and Jones Detox Soak- This Dead Sea salt soak is mineral rich and soothing to skin, aiding in repair and regeneration. The salt is used to purify and soften, white kaolin clay is negatively charged and when activated with liquid, is able to attract and absorb your skin’s positively charged impurities like a magnet.

Among the Flowers Lavender Lullaby Baby Wash- A blend of castile soap and lavender floral water for a natural and safe way to clean baby. Detergent, preservative, additive, dye, fragrance free and non-toxic, this gentle formula is earth and sensitive skin-friendly.

Among the Flowers Calming Baby Balm- This calming cream utilizes the moisture blocking properties of the zinc and beeswax, creating a protective layer that allows for healing. It’s completely natural- so nothing unwanted is absorbed into your little ones bloodstream.

*Swaddle can be switched out for one of the options pictured above. Please just make a note of which you’d prefer at checkout.

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